How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern

How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern

Unlock android phone: Annoyed and frustrated after you forgot your phone’s password? Forgetting the unlock pattern or password of your Android phone is one of the troubleshooting problems of smart device users these days. Whenever you search online, you will always find articles about how to unlock an android phone if you forgot pattern or when you forgot phone password. When it so happens that you forgot your Android password, first is you should remain calm.

Unlock android phone if forgot pattern

Most of the time, when an Android phone’s locked with the password forgotten, people would freak out trying out all kinds of patterns which only worsen it. Know that Google password reset makes it possible to open your phone again, plus there are still a number of ways on how to unlock Android phone without resetting all information inside. Read on and find out the solutions listed here so you can unlock your Android phone.

How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern
How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern

How to Unlock Android Phone

Here are different methods on how to unlock Android focused on a specific problem. Follow these simple steps and successfully unlock your Android phone:

1. How to Unlock Android Phone Using Google Recovery Account

When you have forgotten your phone’s pattern or password, the easiest way to recover it is using your Google Recovery Account. Using this method, you can simply click the “forgot password?” option which will take you to where you will have to provide your username and the password for your Google Account. Using the Google Recovery Account will allow you to get back your forgotten password, PIN or pattern. It is the only solution on how to unlock Android phone pattern lock without Factory Reset.

2. How to Unlock Android Phone if Forgot Pattern without The Internet

Unlock android phone if forgot password without internet

If you don’t have the internet connection and you cannot access your Google Recovery Account, one way to access your account is by connecting to a Wi-Fi connection already linked to your phone. Besides these two, the only possible way to unlock your phone is through Factory Reset. However, you should know that Factory Reset will mean all your data will be deleted. If it is the only internet that is the problem, your solution is simply to find a connection either by Wi-Fi or Data Connection.

If you decide to Factory Reset your phone, here are simple steps on how it is done. Important – if you have the SD card, best to remove it so that its data will not be affected.

  1. Switch off your mobile phone, and press the up volume key for a few seconds
  2. The recovery menu of the Android system will appear
  3. Select erase all data or factory reset using the volume keys
  4. Press the on/off button to activate your choice
  5. Select Yes to erase completely the user data

When your phone restarts, it will be back to how it was when you first bought it with all your user data completely erased. Factory reset is also a recommended option on how to unlock android pattern lock with no Gmail account.

How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern
How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forget Password|Pattern

3. How to unlock Android Tablet after Too Many Password Attempts without Gmail?

Unlock android pattern lock without gmail

If you are having difficulty unlocking your Android tablet because too many pattern attempt and you don’t have a Gmail account to reset, the only remaining solution would be to reset your phone to factory settings. You can simply follow the steps mentioned above on Factory settings, you can wipe off all the data on your tablet which now allows you to use your tablet just like before.

Without Gmail account, it is impossible to recover your unlock pattern or password besides completely erasing your user data including the password itself. As such, it is very important for you to always backup your data and make sure that you have a registered account on Gmail for data recovery.